And why no one provides the same feature-rich, confidence building experience as BADASSCHICK Photography™.

I cannot begin to express how much my photoshoot with Badasschick Photography meant to me. I have never felt so good in my own body. The entire experience made me feel beautiful, strong, sexy, and like a total badass. Pete is professional, respectful, kind, and funny. He does an incredible job of keeping the shoot light and fun while also making you feel safe and supported. He was also incredibly encouraging and complimentary in a way that is still impacting my confidence. His wardrobe and selection of props are absolutely stunning and he has styles and sizes to fit everyone! He gives lots of advice on what to do and wear but ultimately encourages you to make it your own unique experience. I got a sneak peek of some of my final photos already and I am floored! He does an incredible job of making the photos pop and glow without them looking photo-shopped or fake. I wish I could do 10 more shoots with Pete! I cannot wait for my next one!! ★★★★★

Chelsea WelchLittleton, CO

I absolutely loved shooting with Badasschick Photography!! Pete is an amazing person and an absolute wizard! The photos were incredible and it was just the confidence boost I needed. I felt so sexy and powerful. I can’t wait until the next one! ★★★★★

Nicole MillerGlenwood Springs, CO

Most empowering experience I’ve ever had. Having a past with an eating disorder this shoot helped me embrace my strength and beauty as I am. Service was very friendly and welcoming. Would highly highly recommend 10/10!!! ★★★★★

Dasha StoweGlenwood Springs, CO

Pete photographed me in Arizona and the way the pictures came out was better than I could have expected! I work independently and have a website that requires high quality, clean and professional pictures. That is exactly what I got! Each shot was captured perfectly; his angles and strategy to taking the right photo is point! Not only do his photos come out 100% the time spent with him is fun and carefree, making you feel completely comfortable and at ease to just be yourself! Don’t wait now, book him today! ★★★★★

Christine DavidsonLos Angeles, CA

If I could- I’d give more stars! I was very nervous the first time I booked a photo shoot but Pete was amazing to work with. If you want AMAZING photos taken while in a fun environment where you’re getting hyped up, listening to jams and bouncing ideas off of each other than Badass Chick is definitely for you! Pete is always super respectful, super nice, and fun to shoot with. So if you are nervous to do a shoot like I was- take the leap! It’s worth it! ★★★★★

Jilian MaddisonFort Collins, CO

Pete always reminds me of how beautiful I am through his photography and more than that how badass I really am. I adore this guy 1000/10, my forever photographer. ★★★★★

Kecia BonaparteLongmont, CO

BadassChick Photography is one of the best things that ever happened to me! I can’t speak highly enough about the experience Pete provides and his professionalism. I have done easily 10 shoots with him (you can search my name on instagram), and I’m always planning more. Having him take your pictures is super fun and very empowering. I’ve gained so much confidence in my modeling because of working with him. He also has connected me to other models (who love him too), he is such a wonderful person to make art with.
All shoots we’ve done are TOP NOTCH. If you want something beyond the basic go to BadassChick Photography and Pete will help make your dream come true. I’ve known Pete for years and he is an absolute treasure. I usually will book him for a whole day; I love how many ideas he has, it’s really cool collaborating with him! Have him take your pictures and I promise you’ll be happy you did! ★★★★★

Element PremDenver, CO

Highly recommend shooting with Badasschick Photography!! He was one of the most chill but extremely professional people I have worked with. I had an absolute blast shooting with him in his studio that we booked a second day to shoot outside in Utah! The pictures turned out to be absolute masterpieces and are still my favorite pictures I have! If you’re looking for someone who is a true artist-look no further! Book him! ★★★★★

Sam F.Philadelphia, PA

Holy COW Badasschick Photography absolutely does what it says on the tin! Pete made me feel like an absolute badass, and more importantly, a creative collaborator in this shoot. Thoughtful, inspired, and an absolute hype beast! 100/10 would shoot with him again! ★★★★★

DhariniAlbany, NY

Absolutely loved my experience with Pete ! I felt safe , confident & had the greatest time ever ! 10/10 recommend . He will make you feel like the baddest! ★★★★★

Staci JamisonGrand Junction, CO

I cannot begin to express how much my photoshoot with Badasschick Photography meant to me. I have never felt so good in my own body. The entire experience made me feel beautiful, strong, sexy, and like a total badass. Pete is professional, respectful, kind, and funny. He does an incredible job of keeping the shoot light and fun while also making you feel safe and supported. He was also incredibly encouraging and complimentary in a way that is still impacting my confidence. His wardrobe and selection of props are absolutely stunning and he has styles and sizes to fit everyone! He gives lots of advice on what to do and wear but ultimately encourages you to make it your own unique experience. I got a sneak peek of some of my final photos already and I am floored! He does an incredible job of making the photos pop and glow without them looking photo-shopped or fake. I wish I could do 10 more shoots with Pete! I cannot wait for my next one!! ★★★★★

Chelsea WelchLittleton, CO

I absolutely recommend booking a shoot with Pete! It is an incredibly uplifting and empowering experience.
I’ve never had pictures like this done before so I was a bit nervous, he made it all so fun, and comfortable! I never felt rushed, everything was at my pace. His creativity is so fun and I felt like he was enthusiastic about my ideas as well.
His wardrobe is a dream, so many different styles and outfits to choose from!
He makes it possible to see yourself in a different perspective than your own, which is a huge confidence booster! I never knew I could look so good!
He sent sneak peeks, which was awesome and exciting! And very quick to get the final, quality product to me.
It’s very clear that Pete is passionate about his work and it shows in every way.
Thank you Pete, I’m very pleased! ★★★★★

Blaire SkinnerSilt, CO

Amazing service and makes you want to book another shoot! ★★★★★

Joy CovingtonRifle, CO

Feel a little shy? Go to Pete. Feeling creative? Go to Pete. First time? Go to Pete. I had such a great experience with him, and really getting to know myself. He makes you feel at home, jokes for hours, and certainly makes you feel like a damn Queen! He’s the man, Go to Pete! ★★★★★

Ceara FrielColorado Springs, CO

I had an amazing amazing day shooting with Pete! It was such an uplifting and exhilarating experience! I felt so happy and proud of myself for stepping outside of my box and doing something for myself! I took photos both by myself and with friends and at the end of the day the photographs turned out AMAZING!!! 11/10 recommend! ★★★★★

Hannah FishmanBoulder, CO

I just want to start of by saying that I highly recommend booking a shoot with Pete! I’ve always had problems with confidence, but he helped me find a way to love myself! Such a kind hearted soul! He made me feel very comfortable, and helped me gain my confidence back! His work is amazing, and such a good guy to vibe with! I appreciate his work! And being able to work with him! Again, I highly HIGHLY recommend booking a shoot, you won’t regret it! ★★★★★

Emily SteeleSilt, CO

Doing a shoot with Pete was such an empowering experience. Not only did he make me feel incredibly comfortable but we had such a fun time! And the photos come out beautifully. I highly highly recommend working with him!!! ★★★★★

Kyra MowbrayBoulder, CO

My daughters convinced me to do a photo shoot with Pete. At 56 I was not sure that was something that I wanted to do but I have to say it made me feel beautiful and sexy again! He made me feel extremely comfortable and created a safe space for me to regain that love for myself. I cannot thank Pete enough for what he does! EVERYONE needs to book a shoot. Do it for yourself!!! Every woman deserves to feel strong and empowered! ★★★★★

Michele DeRosaGlenwood Springs, CO

Truly an experience like no other – Pete is by far the most talented, personable, and creative photographer I have ever worked with! Working with him in the studio was an absolute dream, and I came away with absolutely incredible photos. You will feel confident, sexy, and BADASS from the moment you walk in the door to countless moments after you leave. 11/10 would recommend to ANYONE – model or other – to shoot with Pete. Bonus points for the spotlessly clean studio and massive wardrobe selection. Could not be happier, and cannot wait to create more art in the studio!!!! ★★★★★

Abbie DeRosaFort Collins, CO

Badass chick photography is the best place to go to get a great boost of confidence! I loved being able to get a chance to meet with Pete. He made me feel special and stronger! The environment was amazing and all his work is astonishing. I have never been able to look at myself and think that I was that badass until my first photoshoot. He has made my dreams come true in all aspects of my life. I can’t wait for my next shoot! Thank you a million times! ★★★★★

Elisa MurilloGrand Junction, CO

I cannot thank Pete enough for the experience he gave me at Badasschick Photography! I have always had low self confidence and never felt comfortable in my own skin. After doing a shoot with Pete, I walked away feeling love and pride for my body, a feeling I have not experienced in years!!! I cannot recommend doing a shoot ENOUGH!! It is truly amazing how Pete created an environment for woman to experience such power and love for themselves! If there is one thing I can say, SIGN UP FOR A SHOOT RIGHT NOW – you will NOT regret it! Huge thanks to Pete for reminding me what it feels like to love my body and have confidence, truly such an amazing feeling and overall experience! ★★★★★

Jolie DeRosaBoulder, CO

Pete is an incredibly talented photographer. I recently had the pleasure of working with Pete not once, but twice for the total super model experience! It was so much fun working with him and the pictures turned out amazing! It was my first time doing a solo photo shoot with many different wardrobe changes, Pete helped me think through and plan all the details to ensure i would get the best pictures! If you want a bad ass photo shoot, Pete is your guy! Professional, creative, and so much fun! ★★★★★

Janet GrossmanRifle, CO

I was treated with respect; the studio was clean and professional;
The entire experience was wonderful. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I came in shy and unsure of myself and left with confidence certainty in myself and in the photographer. I loved every second of my shoot and would highly recommend Badasschick Photography to anyone looking to have some photos done! ★★★★★

MJ BosleyGainesville, FL

Pete is an actual angel. he’s so talented and polite and he makes you feel welcome in his studio and in your own skin. I can say that anyone with confidence issues will leave his studio with none! seriously incredible feeling to be at badasschickphoto! ★★★★★

Shade TonnessenPort Orange, FL

What an experience! I felt like a movie star the whole time, and also so safe and comfortable! 10/10 would recommend! ★★★★★

Annastasia BosleyLas Vegas, NV

Pete is an amazing photographer. Made me feel comfortable but was also so so fun. Loved the studio and the wardrobe. Captures people so well. I had a fricken blast. Definitely plan to do it again. ★★★★★

Erica BensonGlenwood Springs, CO

Pete is very creative and fun to work with! ★★★★★

Ashley HultquistRifle, CO

I am amazed with every shot taken by Pete at Badasschick Photography! I have never professionally taken pictures and I was feeling it was about time! Pete not only made me feel comfortable in my own skin but made me feel like a badass woman! He has an amazing studio and costumes and is all about helping you create your artistic vision. I would highly recommend Badasschick Photography for any and all types of photo fun!! ★★★★★

Liz PearsonChicago, IL

I would give ten stars !!! Seriously one of the best things I have ever done! Pete is an amazing photographer who has an incredible eye! I felt comfortable and so blown away with every photo. The studio is such a professional creative space. His ideas and mine came together and honestly I’ve never felt so BEAUTIFUL before. He captured me and my personality…. I left my shoot with this amazing confidence! Super excited for my next shoot ! Thanks Pete !!!! ★★★★★

Addison KerkloAspen, CO

Very fun, professional and the photos turn out amazing! Pete can help you come up with new ideas or really bring your own visions alive! ★★★★★

Mina McKenzieRifle, CO

What a great experience! We had a blast! I loved playing dress up! ★★★★★

Teri ReevesGrand Junction, CO

There’s not much more to say than this experience was 10/10! There was so much to choose from to really let me express my creativity and expand on my portfolio, and Pete is absolutely amazing, he made everything so comfortable and the photos truly captured the vibe we created, all I can say is that if you’re thinking of doing a photo shoot for yourself, Pete is your guy. I only have love for Badasschick Photography! ★★★★★

Stephanie DibaccoBasalt, CO

100% recommend a session at Badasschick !!!! Very professional and an equally comfortable studio with so many options, whether it be the sets themselves or the extensive wardrobe/shoe collection, there’s really something for any flavor when you walk in and when you pair that with Pete’s skills you absolutely can’t go wrong. The lighting set ups alone had me in awe at just how much science goes into such amazing pictures and Pete has the science down to a T !!! I will definitely be working with Pete again and you would be silly if you didn’t. What girl doesn’t want to be a model for a day and have the pictures to prove it?! ★★★★★

Trinity MathisRifle, CO

Honestly I had the best experience with Pete. He was so nice and very very professional and so supportive during the shoot. Not to mention the photos were absolutely stunning!!! ★★★★★

Aria MitchellNew Castle, CO

Coming from California to the valley here in Colorado one of my biggest concerns was finding a reputable, professional, and alternative fashion driven photographer. I was lucky to find Pete! Out of the many people I have had the pleasure of working with Pete is one of few who can interpret the ideas I want. He has a wonderful way of keeping the set flowing and comfortable. The MASS amount of wardrobe he has offers endless possibilities. 10/10 would recommend! ★★★★★

Liz RileyNew Castle, CO

Look no further than right here for a photographer. Pete’s ability to make people look and feel amazing with his incredible talent and stunning personality is UNMATCHED! His creativity is out of this world. He makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. Thank you so much Pete for building us up (especially my sister!) ★★★★★

Shanda HunterRifle, CO

To say Pete is a talented, amazing person is a understatement! I am so happy I decided to step out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad I did it with Pete!! He went above and beyond for me and had me doing things I NEVER thought I’d do! And wearing things I thought I’d never wear!
I actually have confidence in myself now because of him. The photos are AMAZING! ★★★★★

Kayla HollowayKildeer, ND

Working with Pete was one of the funnest experiences I’ve had living in this valley. He’s such an amazing person to work with. When you start to feel lost he’s able to point you in the right direction. I highly recommend Badasschick Photography. It’s nice to see yourself in someone else’s light. ★★★★★

Stephanie KelleyGlenwood Springs, CO

I had the most amazing opportunity to shoot with Pete for the first time in San Francisco! He just happened to there at the same time I was. Of course I was nervous at first never having done anything like it before but he made me feel so comfortable and confident that I wanted to come do another shoot with him when he got back in town. Anything I was unsure about or lacked confidence in he worked with me and produced some amazing shots! He was very professional and made it so easy for me to get out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to do another shoot with him and will be suggesting him to all my friends!! ★★★★★

Megan OliverGlenwood Springs, CO

Hands down the best Photography session I have ever had! That’s also an understatement….. He went well above and beyond my expectations!!!! He is very professional and easygoing which made my experience much smoother than I anticipated! (I was a little nervous but super excited) The pictures he captured were BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!! Overall, it simply couldn’t have been a better experience! Will for sure be booking with him from now on! ★★★★★

Heather BagleyGlenwood Springs, CO

I had a great time with the shoot that Pete did for me. As the session progressed, my anxiety became less and less until I was opening up and being a true goof. Pete is a super sincere guy with a true gift for attention to detail. I would totally recommend getting photos done with Pete! I had so much fun and will be going back for more! ★★★★★

Alyssa CarterGlenwood Springs, CO

Best photographer ever! I’ve never felt so confident in my life! The photos were absolutely amazing! Everyone should go to Pete!! He’s the guy!! ★★★★★

Raven FisherSalt Lake City, UT

Pete is so welcoming to the studio and makes sure that you’re comfortable during all your photo shoots. Every photo taken is amazing! Thanks Pete! ★★★★★

Tori ShackelfordRifle, CO

Would highly recommend that y’all go check out my awesome photographer’s website! He always makes the pictures about YOU. Pete is insanely talented, nice, and genuinely hilarious which makes for a really fun shoot. The shoots are all about having fun and being comfortably badass in your own skin. He helped me get back outside the box with myself and I’d do anything to shoot w him again. He always made me comfortable for whatever we decided to do and I appreciated his genius moving throughout the shoot.
Love him bunches! Can’t wait to see him again! Book a shoot! ★★★★★

Morgan MurphyDenver, CO

I came up to Colorado to see my sister for my birthday. I had a photoshoot done with Pete the photographer of Badass Chick Photography, who is also my sister’s friend. And it was the most fun experience ever. He is so amazing. Pete is extremely kind and easy to get along with. He makes you feel great in ever shot he takes. You just have a blast when you get photos done with Pete. The end result of all the fun is quality photos that are remarkable and breathtaking. ★★★★★

Antoinette FrazierDallas, TX

Pete is the best around. Any feelings of nervousness or anxiety is washed away with this guy. He makes you feel so comfortable and confident in your own skin. Amazing. ★★★★★

Haven LarrabeeGlenwood Springs, CO

If you’ve ever struggled with self-image issues, Pete is the catalyst to a new perception of yourself. I left the studio today with a renewed appreciation for myself. I felt beautiful, I was so dumbfounded at some of the pictures. I felt so comfortable, free, and empowered. I’m absolutely elated by my experience, and wholeheartedly encourage anyone considering boudoir portraits to just take that leap and just do it. You won’t regret it. ★★★★★

Danielle HolcombGlenwood Springs, CO

Just like most other girls I was really nervous at first! However, Pete quickly made me feel really comfortable and at home during shoots which really opened me up to do doing crazy cool stuff. Not only is he a cool ass dude but an amazingly talented photographer. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt in photos he took of me and how creative he got. Thanks to pete I have some really dope photos and amazing memories and I would recommend everyone at least try it once because it’s truly a really fun and amazing experience! ★★★★★

Jazzmine RathkeFairfield, CA

Working with Pete was honestly amazing. I have always been very insecure about myself but he really showed a different side of me and it was an amazing feeling. He was so awesome and i felt completely welcome. I will definitely be doing more shoots with him! ★★★★★

Kayla SittonRifle, CO

He is really funny and he always plays music to not make it boring and the photos he takes make you feel great about yourself! ★★★★★

Ciylee LarsenNew Castle, CO

Pete is a genius! Never in my life have I ever felt so comfortable in my own skin. He helped me feel confident and beautiful! What a crazy fun time doing it too! Definitely will be booking another shoot! Pete, I can’t thank you enough! You are the epitomy of a Badass! ★★★★★

Corrie DiazRifle, CO

He is very professional and outgoing photographer he makes you feel very comfortable he has amazing ideas. And he has so many out fits to choose from it’s crazy. I love the pictures excellent photographer. 100% recommended! ★★★★★

Laura CordovaRifle, CO

Pete is nothing but professional and he knows how to boost your confidence when you’ve been having a tough couple months! The pictures he creates really show how hard he works. He believes that all women are beautiful and that we should not listen to what society says about women. There isn’t a certain way we should look. We are all beautiful. And he uses his skills to show that! I will absolutely be back! ★★★★★

Ashley BurtsParachute, CO

I have never felt so comfortable getting pictures done than I have with badasschickphoto! Wide array of costumes to pick from, it’s so fun to get creative and do what fits my personality. Awesome!!! ★★★★★

Hannah TopaiGrand Junction, CO

Pete is the most patient, down to earth photographer we have ever met. He believes that every women can look and feel as badass as they were intended to be. He is an artist of his own making and it shows in every picture he posts. ★★★★★

Lily & ParisNew Castle, CO

I love everything about his style. He takes your ideas and what you want and goes off with it. He plays around with different angles and makes every view look badass. I love that he is very flexible and can really work where ever. ★★★★★

Jessica LeeRifle, CO

The entire experience is awesome. From the consult to the actual appointment. This was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m so glad I did. Pete does amazing work and is so easy and fun to work with. If you’re thinking about a session with him, do it! The wardrobe, his stylists, and himself all rock. ★★★★★

Katelyn BirneySilt, CO

Pete’s awesome and makes you feel amazing! ★★★★★

Shannon KelleyMeeker, CO

Great environment to be in. The photographer is very skilled and artistic. Makes you more confident. High quality pictures. 5 stars for sure! ★★★★★

Mindy GrossGrand Junction, CO

Pete makes everybody feel so comfortable in their own skin. He is all about female empowerment, and doing pictures that make you happy and make you feel confident in yourself. Since shooting with him I have felt happier in my skin then I have in a long time. I highly recommend shooting with him! ★★★★★

Rachelle DigiulioGlenwood Springs, CO

Shooting with Pete was by far the best photo shoot experience I have ever had! He is incredibly professional and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Plus he is totally hilarious! The pictures came out amazing and I have never felt more beautiful in my whole life:) I would 100% recommend anyone to him! ★★★★★

Hannah SolichColorado Springs, CO

Pete is the real deal. Super creative and professional. He will exceed your expectations! ★★★★★

Dan MeskinRifle, CO

Great high quality photos that can highlight anyone’s confidence and perfect features! Anything you would want in a shoot, Pete can do it and much more for you. I wouldn’t want anyone else to take my beautiful photos! ★★★★★

Madison StrickerTucson, AZ

This was literally the best experience I have ever had. Pete is very professional, and is downright hilarious! He makes you feel so comfortable and proud of your body. I can’t wait to book my next session and work with such a wonderful photographer. Thank you for showing me my newest obsession!! ★★★★★

Hayden HarrisMeeker, CO

Badasschick photography makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and badass! I love going through the hundreds of fun clothes and items just to dress up and have a bit of fun. 5 stars! ★★★★★

Samantha CooperCarbondale, CO

Pete is an exceptional photographer, with the people skills of someone who could work in HR. He’s friendly and kind, and prioritizes his clients’ safety and comfort. His goals revolve around empowering his subject, and that is very much evident in the work he creates. Thank you Pete!! ★★★★★

Hattie RensberryGreeley, CO

I loved this experience! Every time I was In front of the camera he made me feel like a professional model. His attitude was and is always AMAZING!! He truly allows you to express yourself and takes AMAZING pictures!! He helped me express a side of my self that I would have otherwise never allowed anyone else see. I LOVE Badass chick photography!!!! ★★★★★

Gabby JimenezGlenwood Springs, CO

Had so much fun doing my shoot, I have never felt more beautiful in my whole life. It was very comfortable too like hanging out with one of your friends. 10/10 would recommend. I’m going back soon! ★★★★★

Charlotte OlejniczakNew Castle, CO

I don’t know where to start! Pete is one hell of a photographer and also someone I consider a good friend! I’ve worked with many talented photographers but none are quite like Pete. Any idea I’ve ever had in my head at a shoot he brings to life immediately..he makes you comfortable,laugh, and shooting with him is just a plain old fun day! I highly recommend him to anyone! High school senior pics, models expanding a portfolio, families! I was his first maternity shoot and I will cherish those pictures whole heartedly..he knows how to breath life back into us mamas needing a self esteem boost..we’re reminded of the goddesses we really are carrying babies all while being bad chicks! I will always work with Pete whether it’s pics for fun or ads for my upcoming store. I highly recommend investing in yourself at least once and experiencing this truly positive experience. Pete does not disappoint! ★★★★★

Whyllie FrazierLos Angeles, CA

Pete and his business is awesome! I was totally nervous before going in for my consultation. After meeting Pete and seeing what he’s all about it was super easy to open up, be myself, and take some killer pics. He’s got tons of wardrobe to chose from to match any style. He’s up to do any kind of shoot, we did an 80’s themed shoot with my horse and 80’s horse trailer (which seems totally random). The whole experience was so much fun and a great self confidence booster. ★★★★★

Sydnee JulianSilt, CO

Pete is very amazing. He makes everyone and anyone feel comfortable in their own skin, style, and quirky ways. I highly recommend getting portraits done by him! ★★★★★

Mariah JimenezBoulder, CO

From the day we first met with Pete I knew my pictures were going to be awesome! He has a super awesome eye for great pictures and gives off a good vibe. I started the shoot out a little nervous and by the end had gained so much confidence! Highly recommend Badasschick! Great photos and a great time! ★★★★★

Natalie SchausterRifle, CO

Pete is awesome! From the very first phone conversation we had I felt completely comfortable w Pete! That comfort level, along with Pete’s ability to make me laugh and have fun during our studio shoot made all the difference in how my photos turned out, which are amazing! I definitely recommend going to Badasschick Photography! ★★★★★

Monica O'LinkRifle, CO

Pete is one of the greatest photographers to work with, so professional, funny, a hype man, a modeling coach, and has all the threads you could imagine! So blessed to be able to work with the people I do! ★★★★★

Cyrene ParkerLas Vegas, NV

Thank you Pete and BadAssChick Photography! I won this photoshoot and I was reluctant, but Pete made me feel comfortable and it was fun! ★★★★★

Devy KuhseFlagstaff, AZ

I’ve battled with my self confidence for as long as I can remember. It’s caused me to miss out on so many things because I was too embarrassed of my body. Up until yesterday I was ashamed to even look in the mirror. Yet after one session with @badasschickphoto I have never felt better about myself. I woke up today and realized how bad of a bitch I could be. So thank you bad ass chick photography for giving me that. ★★★★★

Elaina NidifferParachute, CO

My daughter had such a great time. She came out of her session with a whole new image of herself. As a father, professionalism and respect for my daughter were very important to me and I have no complaints at all. I highly recommend Badasschick Photography. ★★★★★

Jay NidifferDelta, CO

I loved this experience! Definitely want to do it again. Pete made me feel confident and beautiful and kept me laughing the whole time!  ★★★★★

Dolores BurrisNew Castle, CO

I love every picture I have taken with Pete! He is amazing at what he does. He makes you feel so comfortable, and empowered, sexy and just awesome in front of the camera! I always hated pictures taken of me and I never thought that I could look good in anything that I was in but after I did my first shoot I couldn’t believe it was me! Now I’m hooked and I love how I feel after seeing how amazing I look on camera. I’m a lot more confident in myself now then I was just a few months ago and a lot of it is because of Pete and the talent he has! I would definitely recommend going to him for future pictures! ★★★★★

Bailey GriffithNew Castle, CO

Pete is so fun to work with! He makes you feel confident, fun, and beautiful! Plus he will give you a good laugh. I would recommend badasschick photography to anyone who wants amazing pictures while having fun! ★★★★★

Amber WilliamsParachute, CO

Absolutely LOVED my photoshoot! Pete is very professional, has an amazing wardrobe (many style options), makeup artists, and hair stylists. By the time my shoot was over I was 10x more confident than before, and the photos were even better than I had hoped. If your thinking about using Badasschick Photography for your photo shoot, you will not be disappointed! ★★★★★

Ember JonesRifle, CO

Ladies I highly recommend Badasschick Photography!!! Pete did a fabulous job helping me capture the images of how I really see myself in my mind, so I can show it to you! To myself, I am a bold, free spirit and he captured that perfectly!!! I won’t lie, I have been lacking confidence lately, and doing this has helped me find out what my comfort zone is being in my own skin, and made me realize just how confident and fierce I can really be! The atmosphere in the studio is very chill but professional, and with the wide variety in the wardrobe and props, you can really strike up your creative side and have fun!!! ★★★★★

Jessica SamberCleveland. OH

I got tired of looking down and hating my body, of wishing I could go back to the body I hated 10 years ago because it was so much better than what I have now, tired of comparing myself to other women I thought were similar but had it together better. Most of all, I was tired of living in the feelings I’ve been trying so desperately not to cultivate in my daughter. I never want her to look in the mirror and feel fat, or undeserving, or ashamed. We can be strong, intelligent, loving, AND look sexy on a random box in the dusty mountains. Here’s my shot at owning me.
I highly recommend that all of you find BADASSCHICK Photography and have them help you honor the beautiful skin you’re in, right now, as it is. #badasschickphotography #boudoir #outdoorboudoir #bodylove #selfacceptance ★★★★★

Emily McCarthyDenver, CO

Pete is an absolute sweetheart!! He is amazing at what he does and amazing at making a girl get in touch with her inner badass!! His creativity is exciting!! I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking to express themselves in a completely unbiased, judgmental free atmosphere! Rock on badass chick photography! ★★★★★

Brooke WeeksSarasota, FL

I am so I love with these pictures. I have been fighting some inner battles of who I am on my own and this day, this shoot helped me find my light within. Thank you so much Pete and Badasschick Photography for helping find my light! ★★★★★

Cheyenne WestRifle, CO

If you’re thinking about doing a shoot with BADASSCHICK Photography…don’t hesitate! Pete is such an amazing individual and professional photographer. You will leave more confident than ever before. Pete has guided me and helped me improve so much! Photo shoots with him are an adventure and I will never forget all the great times. ★★★★★

Andréa Noeli EasonSiesta Key, FL

Amazing pictures taken at unique and beautiful locations. I love the many choices of wardrobe! It’s fun just messing around and going through all the clothes. I would definitely recommend for any photo shoot! ★★★★★

Crickit LarsonCasper, WY

Most amazing pictures with an even better photographer! It was the most welcoming and fun experience. From picking out all the fun outfits in the studio, to the photoshoot itself. More photoshoots and amazing experiences to come! ★★★★★

Angalina VelasquezDenver, CO

Pete always rocks it when it comes to making fun photo shoots! We always get really creative and it turns out stunning!! He has the wardrobe and locations to fulfill any desire. ★★★★★

Shaylor KendrickRifle, CO

I never thought I would be getting a photoshoot by Badasschick Photography. It was such a good time! Soooo much wardrobe and beautiful shoes. I’m so grateful for Pete and the opportunity he’s given me to break through my shell finally. He has boosted my self confidence so much more then it has ever been. He’s made me look at myself in a totally different way. I really do cherish all the times I have got to spend with Badasschick Photography. Thank you Pete! ★★★★★

Autumn CarverDenver, CO

I just did a shoot with Pete and he made me feel so comfortable with it being my first time! Been waiting for this for a while and I’ve got to say that it is worth it! Shy or not! ★★★★★

Jenny MarieRifle, CO

I had my very first shoot tonight and honestly best experience ive ever had ! I felt so confident and beautiful in my pictures! I COMPLETELY RECOMMEND DOING BADASSCHICK PHOTOGRAPHY with Pete! He’s an awesome guy! He makes you feel so good about your self honestly was the funnest experience I had and want to go back again! ★★★★★

Liz TorresGlenwood Springs, CO

Incredible to work with! He always makes you feel comfortable & is highly professional. His positive commentary during the shoot brings out the best in you & as a result your shots always coming out stunning! I’ve worked with many photographers around the world, he is one of the BEST!!! He will keep you laughing throughout, and yes feels like an old friend! Cannot wait for my next shoot! I HIGHLY recommend him!!!!  ★★★★★

Eva KosmosGlenwood Springs, CO

What do I say about this man, this incredibly talented, amazing, fun photographer. Pete is hands down my favorite photographer to work with. From his incredible eye, all the way to his natural knack for making anyone he meets feel 100 percent comfortable and confident, Pete flawlessly executes the portrayal of his clients ideas and boosts their confidence in the same instance. I don’t believe there has ever been another photographer I’ve worked with or that I will ever work with that has made me or any other person he’s worked with feel like they have known him for a lifetime the moment you met him. He is most definitely worth more than his weight in gold, on the level of the kings ransom when it comes to his gorgeous work, professionalism, and also his company. If you are thinking of having a shoot with him, don’t pass this one up! You will never be disappointed in the choice to work with Pete Toborek. 5 stars does not even come close to the rating I would give for the experience! ★★★★★

Autymn SandersBroomfield, CO

Hands down the best photographer in the valley! Pete is very professional and takes amazing photos. I was so impressed with everything he offers – including the new Backstage Threads wardrobe! I’m definitely going to be coming back for more photos! Highly recommend him for any themed photo shoot. ★★★★★

Maegan ShortSilt, CO

Pete is the best! He makes everyone look amazing and is a joy to be around. He’s so funny and will have you chatting and laughing throughout your session, he is also extremely respectful and professional. Cant reccomend Badasschick Photography enough! ★★★★★

Madalyn BuchananGlenwood Springs, CO

It was such an amazing experience I truly felt like a badass chick! ★★★★★

Kaeleigh VioletGrand Junction, CO

So much fun! Thank you! ★★★★★

Leah DrusinRifle, CO

I was so nervous initially, but Pete is so professional, and immediately made me feel so safe and confident! Now I’m hooked! Can’t recommend him enough! ★★★★★

Jessica SpauldingRifle, CO

I loved the experience and I felt so welcome. At first I had some nerves but with Pete’s charm and his hilarity just makes you feel like you can tell him anything. He’s a great photographer, 10/10 my favorite! ★★★★★

Alexus BoatcherParachute, CO

If you’re looking for a badass photographer, I strongly recommend Pete! He’s so amazing at what he does, he’s super professional, and wow… let the pictures speak for themselves. I can’t say enough good things about my experience and the way everything did turn out. No questions asked, I’ll definitely be a returning client. ★★★★★

Jacqueline GonzalesSilt, CO

Pete instantly made me feel as I were spending the day with an old friend. He creates a very relaxed atmosphere and made the whole shoot so much fun. I am in love with my photos! ★★★★★

Cindy HaynesGrand Junction, CO

I am absolutely thrilled with my experience with Pete at Badasschick Photography! I walked in very nervous about our shoot. But oh boy! By the end of our session I was very relaxed and didn’t want it to end! Pete remained extremely professional and respectful throughout our session. Through the risqué type of photos (I chose to do) I felt comfortable and confident. No pressure. 100% creeper free! Ladies you may feel uncomfortable or that you “have to” do anything out of your comfort zone, thats not how he worked. Its your shoot, and your choice. I left there with my head high, uber confidence, and a smile that still exists. I will, without a doubt, be a returning client! I will recommend Badasschick photography to any and everyone! Super stoked to do it again! Thanks again for your amazing work Pete!!! ★★★★★

Jaqueline MauerRifle, CO

Pete is very professional, and was an honor to work with! I had a great time, and it was a lot easier and comfortable than I was expecting it to be for sure. Would most definitely recommend! Loved it. ★★★★★

Abby LynnRifle, CO

Pete is amazing! I have never felt more comfortable in front of a camera. Not only is he talented and creative…he is genuine. I absolutely love the photos from my shoot, and can’t wait to do another. I would recommend anyone who wants to feel empowered, beautiful or just badass to book a sesh with Badasschick Photography. ★★★★★

Chelsea KrabbeGlenwood Springs, CO

First of all, besides being a great photographer, Pete is just a cool dude and enjoyable to be around. My experience was fun and that shows in the pictures. He shot family photos of my son and I and the author photo for my upcoming book. I wouldn’t use anyone else. ★★★★★

Julie RasmussenLongmont, CO

Seriously the most amazing experience! From the second you walk through the door you are at ease. Pete is so respectful and his main focus is making sure you are happy with your photos. I have never felt more beautiful than I do when I look at the pictures he’s taken. He will definitely be doing all of my shoots. ★★★★★

Tina CrawfordGlenwood Springs, CO

I had a great time getting my pictures done with Pete at Badass chick. It was well worth the money. He made me feel at ease and my pictures turned out better than I had ever hoped that they would. Everyone at some point should try this. I know that I will be doing it again. ★★★★★

Tina MontgomeryRifle, CO

Best Photographer around! He made me feel very comfortable and did not disappoint! ★★★★★

Katey GasawayGrand Junction, CO

Amazing! I definitely want to do another shoot in the future! It was such a great experience & I’m so pleased with the results! ★★★★★

Crystal AsplundGlenwood Springs, CO

Wonderful experience! Cant wait for another shoot! Thanks so much Pete! ★★★★★

Brandy ClouseRifle, CO

All I can say is that I love Pete. Great professional photographer, He made me realize what a great woman I am. Thank you for the boost and thank you for the confidence you are my hero! ★★★★★

Raquel AlvaradoRifle, CO

As I head back to South Florida and the different pictures run through my mind, I cant help but smile knowing that I made a friend for life and was able to take some amazing shots that I did not even know were possible. What an amazing opportunity and wow, what a boost of self confidence! Cant wait to come back to colorado and take more pictures with this amazing artist!! ♡♡♡ #badasschickforlife ★★★★★

Stacy WoodBoca Raton, FL

I can’t picture my life without this wonderful human being. Thank you for continuing to make me feel stunning. I’ve never met someone so professional and wonderful to work with. If I could give you 10 stars, I would! ★★★★★

Meghan ColeNew Castle, CO

As a model coming from Oregon to Colorado, Bad Ass Chick was recommended to me for getting some new shots in. Pete and I had so much fun going around Rifle CO taking pictures and laughing it up. I posted one of his pictures we took on my Instagram page and a week later, Arts Heart Fashion Show in LA hit me up asking me if I was willing to model in their show. Pete’s shots are Bad Ass and I cannot wait till my next shoot with him. Well worth it. ★★★★★

Charity Rose CrawfordLos Angeles, CA

Pete is an amazing photographer. He makes you feel comfortable and has fun. His pictures he takes are amazing and shows how truly beautiful you are. He brings out the best in you and builds confidence. He truly is gifted and very professional. ★★★★★

Deandrea HughesSilt, CO

Where do I even start. Pete is the most amazing photographer there is period. I get these crazy ideas in my head for photoshoots and somehow he ALWAYS manages to bring them to life!!!! Every time I do a shoot is better than the last. He has brought out this confidence in me that I lost, and has truly become one of my best friends!!! Thanks for the laughs and AMAZING photos sir. ★★★★★

Chantel SonGlenwood Springs, CO

Pete has created a foundation of fun, raw beauty, subject to any thing you want to achieve. I support this man to create a masterpiece out of me, and he does it with talent. ★★★★★

Christian StrawFort Collins, CO

Pete goes above and beyond what you would expect from you normal photographer. Making you feel comfortable and care free Pete is extremely respectful behind the camera. He takes the extra effort to make sure every shot is perfect and offers an extraordinarily fast turn around time! ★★★★★

Kevin AtchisonSopris RealtyRifle, CO

Pete is an amazing, funny, and kind hearted photographer! My son is six and he made sure to laugh and giggle with him to make sure he didn’t lose interest in taking the pictures! I can’t thank him enough they turned out so amazing and I’m so happy he captured special moments being made with my son! Thank you! ★★★★★

Kaylea ZangRifle, CO

Pete is a wonderful photographer, he is fun and makes you feel comfortable while being professional. I have always been so uncomfortable in front of the camera, and Pete made me feel like a natural and beautiful. The photoshoot was beyond anything I was expecting from the shoot to the final product. I loved the creativity Pete had, he made me feel beautiful, sexy and yes, a bad ass! The photos were incredible! Pete has a perfect mixture of fun and making me feel comfortable, and professionalism. Highly recommend to anyone!! ★★★★★

Breanna RichardsonGlenwood Springs, CO

Pete is the most amazing photographer. He takes beautiful photos and captures the essence of whatever it is he is shooting. Unbelievably talented. His beauty shots are stunning. He is respectful, charming, and just makes the subject of his shot the best he/she can be. I recommend go get some shots done, you will love every one. ★★★★★

Tommi BoatcherParachute, CO

Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! My heart exploded with how amazing Pete is!!! Made me feel so sexy and confident!!!! Thank you so much!!! ★★★★★

Jen GleedSalt Lake City, UT

I enjoyed every minute of my session! I was a bit nervous at first but Pete was very professional and made feel very comfortable. All the locations we went to were perfect for what I was looking for and my photos came out awesome! I am definitely using Badass Chick Photography in the future. ★★★★★

Carla DelgadoRifle, CO

Pete is one of the best photographers I have ever met. He has this approach that makes you feel like a superstar. A “real” model. I had never done a photo shoot in my life. Well, other than family photographs and my wedding shoot that to be honest, I’d like to forget! I’m 33, and he made me feel like I had a real shot at becoming a “real model”. Whatever that is. He will take you to a place you didn’t know existed and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I couldn’t be more proud of his work and I would shoot with him any opportunity that he gave me. I love you Pete and you are truly an amazing photographer with a gift that people wish they had. If you haven’t shot with him, you’re missing out. He’s gonna be a superstar and I know it. Xxx ★★★★★

Lindsey GearyAspen, CO

Pete is badass! So grateful for how far he has helped me come with modeling and all the amazing photos I’ve received! His work is amazing and the atmosphere when shooting is always so chill and comfortable.thanks so much badasschick photo! ★★★★★

Tehya VigilGlenwood Springs, CO

Had a blast will definitely be doing it again. I recommend this to any women out there. It is fun for both you and your partner. Especially for yourself! I haven’t felt so beautiful in a long time. ★★★★★

Augustus ArchuletaParachute, CO

Always have a fantastic time and get amazing pictures. Pete’s an awesome photographer and can make anyone feel like a model. ★★★★★

Nicole PeyerColorado Springs, CO

Pete is a guy who makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! He does an absolute outstanding job, very talented! Be prepared to laugh while shooting, and feel like a model for the day. He’s very fun to work with, and knows how to capture pictures to make it memorable and of course badass! I will definitely shoot with Pete again! ★★★★★

Kathleen MaldonadoDenver, CO

Honestly the best confidence boost ever! The whole day was so much fun! Pete is a total gentleman, he made me feel incredibly comfortable and gorgeous! I highly recommend him. Can’t wait to do another session! ★★★★★

Brenan KrampRifle, CO

Pete is a talent to behold! I enjoyed my time and would highly recommend this experience to anyone- whether you want to feel like a bad ass or not, you’re just going to. I was so pleased with the whole experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. ★★★★★

Mary-Ann MogaveroCochrane, Chile

Pete’s artistic eye and professionalism has made all the difference in my professional career. From his photography to his website production, his work put me on the map in the international martial arts community. ★★★★★

Success is about choosing the right people to help you get there. Do yourself a favor and call Pete. You can check out his work at

Gabe CohenNew Castle, CO

As a photographer myself, I’ve always been on one side of the camera. I had the opportunity to shoot with Pete but I was the subject! He was amazing! I felt so comfortable around him. Such a gentleman too! We had so much fun finding these amazing places to take pictures! He is the Badass dude! I can’t wait to do another shoot with him!!! ★★★★★

Aimee MaddaloneKalispell, MT

Best time Ever!! Not only do you come out looking like a badass you end up feeling like a badass! Thank you Pete you rock! ★★★★★

Aracely RamirezRifle, CO

It was a wonderful experience and I appreciate everything Pete has done for me. 5 stars all the way. ★★★★★

Kendra ReeRifle, CO

Pete’s talent and ability to work with various surroundings gives him an edge when photographing in rural locations. His professional demeanor along with his easy going character helped to ease my camera-shy daughter’s anxiety about having pictures taken. The photo shoot turned out, unintentionally, to be in the rain after dark, and the images captured were still every bit as cool as possible. If you’re looking for unique photos, Pete is your photographer. ★★★★★

Alisa McCathernRifle, CO

I absolutely love the experience I had! Pete makes you extremely comfortable with every shot! I had never done anything like this before and I was so nervous. He made me feel beautiful and very comfortable in my own skin! ★★★★★

Wendy BlankenshipRifle, CO

Pete was such an amazing person to shoot with the whole time he makes you feel comfortable and beautiful plus there’s jokes for days.he’s an amazing photographer and awesome friend !!! ★★★★★

Brittany CodyNew Castle, CO

I have been taking pictures with Pete for over 10 years now. He did my Senior Pictures, and we still take pictures to this day. Pete is so fun to work with. We always have so much fun taking pictures and we are usually laughing the whole time. He is easy to take pictures with because he makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, well… Badass! He has a way of making every picture he takes meaningful and beautiful! I can’t wait for my next session with Pete! ★★★★★

Michaelea KennedyDumas, TX

Pete is beyond an amazing photographer!! He makes you feel so comfortable and knows just how to make you look awesome. He easily makes friends wherever his is shooting, getting you access so some really cool locations. I love taking pics with him and I’m never disappointed by the results!!! ★★★★★

Robin ChamplinJupiter, FL

Get ready for some laughs! …pete is not a “ok now model” kind of guy, there’s no need to be nervous he finds a way to make you feel like a normal day while he gets the best natural expressions out of you. And even if its time to pose, his guidance is always helpful at any level of modeling you are in. ★★★★★

Nathaly Z. Calle Boynton Beach, FL

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