Cutting-edge, editorial and fashion inspired boudoir portrait photography IS at your fingertips!

We specialize in edgy high fashion and boudoir portrait photography captured with our cinematic art style. It is our goal to help our clients feel comfortable with who they are, and in many cases redefine who they are. You may dream of getting out of the Western Slope and moving to the big city, well, we brought a piece of the city to you with BADASSCHICK Photography™.

Working with Pete was honestly amazing. I have always been very insecure about myself but he really showed a different side of me and it was an amazing feeling. He was so awesome and i felt completely welcome. I will definitely be doing more shoots with him! ★★★★★

Kayla SittonRifle, CO



To begin, our “For a day” and higher packages include professional makeup & hair in our studio or support salon. Start the day relaxed and pampered while you enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne, mimosa, or sparkling water.


Secondly, our immense collection of exquisite wardrobe is second to none. It consists of thousands of items such as lingerie, corsets, gowns, designer dresses, casual wear, costumes, and hats in addition to over 300 pairs of shoes, heels, and boots. No one else even comes close to our selection.


Above all, remember we are not students or hobbyists with day jobs but a professional, insured business with over 25 years of high-end photography and color workflow experience. We process your photos so they look like they belong in the pages of a high-end fashion magazine. We don’t shoot and burn, everything is retouched and color-graded by hand.


First of all, every session begins with a personalized consultation at our photo studio and costume shop. There we will evaluate your goals and see what it is you wish to accomplish. Then we suggest a package to best fit your needs and provide you with welcome guide literature that provides suggestions on prepping for your shoot. Then once your retainer is paid, we reserve a date for your session.


Next, on the day of your photography session, you’ll be greeted by our professional makeup artist. Enjoy a complimentary mimosa and watch your transformation as the makeup artist goes to work. That’s when you realize you’ve got this! However, that’s not all.


After that it’s off to wardrobe selection! Browse our gigantic collection of fashion and boudoir wardrobe as well as shoes and props to satisfy virtually any theme or genre. Try on different outfits to find the right combination for the perfect look you’re seeking.

In addition to clothing, we also have jewelry, props, masks, wigs, and accessories for the perfect look. Then it’s time to start shooting!

We understand everyone is nervous at first, therefore we guide you through posing, catching your light, and body position to ensure you look and feel like a professional model. Almost immediately your nerves will melt away as we show you images on the back of the camera, marking your faves as we go, therefore we know which images you liked the best when it’s time for us to process them. Afterwards, once we’re satisfied with your studio images, we move outdoor for your on-location shots.


Then we travel from location to location to capture your beauty in an edgy, cinematic and high fashion photo shoot. You’ll be lit with natural light as well as mobile studio lights, just like a pro! Make your friends a little jealous as you conquer your social media feeds with epic, high-fashion and editorial photography. But that’s not all!

By the time it’s over you’ll have had one of the most exhilarating and confidence-building experiences you’ve ever had! And as a result, end up with epic, cinematic photographs to share.

After all, there’s a little bit of Supermodel in everyone, and at BADASSCHICK Photography™ we help you find yours!

Various clients in colorful boudoir, fashion, portrait, and art poses.


We have session investments for every budget. Why do we call your photo session an investment? Because above all, It’s an investment in you. However how do you put a price on capturing where you are in your life today with exceptional photography you will cherish for the rest of your life? You can’t. See why Our customers agree, a photography session with us is an exciting, highly-rated experience designed to build confidence and leave you feeling exhilarated and beautiful.



creative fee + $20 for 5 WEB digitals

★ 1 hour studio session for one (1) person
★ 1 in-studio look (can be boudoir or portraits)
★ Wardrobe included
★ Cinematic color-grading and photo retouching
★ Yields up to 5 images



Creative fee + $50 for 16 WEB DIGITALS

★ 2hr session for one (1) person
★ Professional Makeup and Hair
★ Three (3) in-studio looks -OR- two (2) in-studio looks + one (1) on-location look
★ Wardrobe included
★ Cinematic color-grading and photo retouching
★ Yields up to 16 images



creative fee + $100 for 24 WEB DIGITALS

★ Incredible 3hr session!
★ Professional Makeup and Hair
★ Complimentary Champagne (21+ only)
★ Unlimited in-studio looks -AND- up to three (3) on-location looks*
★ Wardrobe included
★ Cinematic color-grading and photo retouching
★ Yields up to 24 images
★ Split it with a friend and share the images
* – (time permitting)



creative fee + $20/ea for 5 WEB digitals

★ 3 hour session at your favorite location with minimum four (4) people
★ Up to two (2) outfits each
★ Wardrobe included
★ Cinematic color-grading and photo retouching
★ Add professional makeup & hair for $60/ea (Min. 4)
★ Yields up to 5 images each



Creative fee + $150 for 36 WEB DIGITALS + expenses

Pay our creative fee and cover our expenses to go on a two-day roadtrip with BADASSCHICK Photography™ for the ultimate adventure!

★ Two (2) day excursion with unlimited outdoor locations
★ Hotel boudoir session
★ Professional makeup artist on set
★ Up to 6 outfits included from our wardrobe
★ Cinematic color-grading and photo retouching
★ Yields up to 36 images
★ Split it with a friend and share the images


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