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Multiple sets, thousands of outfits, shoes and props. See why no one provides the same feature-rich experience as BADASSCHICK Photography™. When you shoot with us it’s so much more than just a photography session, it’s a fun, confidence building experience designed to leave you with photography and video you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Thousands of clothing articles for unimaginable outfit combinations are at your fingertips. From legit steel boned corsets to elegant lingerie, furs, leather jackets, gowns, evening dresses and more. We aslo have 300+ pairs of shoes, boots and heels!


Hundreds of props, hats, chairs, rugs, fabrics, and more make every photo session fun and unique. We also have hundreds of sunglasses, eyeglasses, masks, gloves and accessories. Pick a theme or era and we can make it happen.


We have multiple sets on-hand from elegant boudoir to school lockers to a faux grunge alley with a real Harley-Davidson motorycle.

Honestly I had the best experience with Pete. He was so nice and very very professional and so supportive during the shoot. Not to mention the photos were absolutely stunning!!! ★★★★★

Aria MitchellNew Castle, CO


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