What to Expect From Your Photo Session
Once you decide on a service, contact us as soon as possible to schedule your shoot, especially if you have a specific date or event in mind. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a welcome package full of information about preparing for your shoot, types of clothes to bring, and more. You’ll also be able to meet with the photographer several days before your session appointment.
This is when you can discuss interests and goals for the shoots, types of props and locations that interest you, etc. Don’t worry about posing or be nervous about your shoot. We’ll guide you through everything and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. It’s our goal to provide a fun and productive session that yields photos you’ll be proud to share.

Initial Consult

Every shoot starts with an initial consult. This is where we discuss ideas for the shoot and come up with a plan for wardrobe and locations. It’s also when we nail down a session date and get you scheduled. We require a non-refundable retainer of $100 to schedule your session date. Saturday session dates are in high demand and require a 50% non-refundable retainer. If you’re sick or something comes up you may alert us for a reschedule no less than 7-days in advance and the retainer will be applied to a future session date. However, there are a lot of moving parts, preparation, and expense to setting up your session as well as other clients looking to schedule dates. Therefore, last minute cancellations or no shows forfeit the retainer.

The Photo Shoot

Depending on the package you will most likely start with Makeup and Hair on location or at the studio. Next we go through your wardrobe and suggest some outfits. We will start in the studio for some warm-up portraits. Then we pack up your wardrobe, camera gear, and lighting and hit the road for the on-location portion. Locations are lined-up depending on what we discussed in the initial interview. We’ll spend anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours at each location, including lighting setup and wardrobe changes. Depending on package features, there may be a location make-up artist and / or stylist traveling with us for touch-ups and wardrobe guidance.

Photo sessions are time limited. But if we are on a roll you will have the option to extend your session for an additional hourly rate. We recommend you block out the day for your shoot to allow for an extension.

Photo previews

As we work through our session, you will see selective black and white previews from your shoot immediately on the camera back or tethered tablet. This confirms the photos are on-par and helps guide our vision for the shoot. It also builds your confidence and let’s you see how you’re doing.

After the shoot

After the shoot we’ll return to the studio and review our milestones. The images are then downloaded to the file server which can take anywhere from 30mins to several hours for initial processing depending on how many frames were shot. We will then process a few Web resolution images and text or email them to you in the next several days for sharing.

Follow-up and personalized ordering session

The remainder of your images will take 2-4 weeks to complete depending on workload and number of frames taken. It’s well worth the wait! This is where we apply our signature style and film process to your images. Once complete we will make an appointment for you to preview your finished photos and order any keepsakes or digital images.

Comfort Level and Privacy

Remember, we shoot only within your comfort level — whether it be high-fashion, casual, editorial, or sexy boudoir. You are our client and our goal is to capture your beauty, however you wish to display it. Feeling nervous the morning of your shoot is totally normal. Once you see a few of your frames on the back of the camera as we start shooting, those nerves will quickly subside. If your session includes Makeup and Hair then talking with our makeup artist will also ease the jitters, all of our artists have shot with us and can offer tips and insight.

And don’t worry! We will never share anything on our Facebook page, Instagram, or Web site without your implicit approval.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.