We are a boutique boudoir photography studio on the Western Slope of Colorado that specializes in boudoir and fashion. It is our goal to help women feel comfortable with who they are, and in many cases redefine who they are. A photo session with BADASSCHICK Photography™ transcends photography into an exhilarating, confidence-building experience.

Why choose BADASSCHICK Photography™?


Makeup and Hair

Our “For a Day” sessions include Makeup and Hair by one of our professional makeup artists. From the moment you arrive at the studio to receive your makeup and hair you’ll know you’re in for an amazing time. Get pampered and watch your own transformation as the makeup artist goes to work. Enjoy a glass of wine to help take the edge off as we go through ideas for your session and set production.


After your makeup and hair is finished, the fun begins! Start by exploring our wardrobe closet. There you’ll find over 250 pairs of shoes, hundreds of outfit combinations, hats, jewelry, gloves, props, you name it — and it’s all included for you to enjoy! We’ll build outfits from virtually any era or theme to use in your session. Want to do 50s pinup in a rat rod? No prob. How about an Old West theme with real vintage props? We have it all.

Our Studio

Our spacious studio offers natural window light for those exquisite boudoir shots as well as studio lighting for high-fashion and artistic portraits. You can even plug-in to our sound system and enjoy your favorite tunes as we shoot!

Cinematic Color-grading

We don’t shoot and burn, run your photos through bulk presets, or hand you the SD card after your session. All of our photos are processed manually from the RAW captures. That means we color-grade your images each by hand in post-processing and never let the camera make important color decisions for us. Our artists have over 25 years of multimedia production experience and use an imaging workflow similar to those used in high-end fashion magazines and it shows in our end-result.

Awesome Locations

We have many sets and locations from which to choose. Nothing is more fun than packing up wardrobe, camera gear and lighting, and then traveling to multiple outdoor locations for a unique boudoir and fashion experience. Old buildings, motorcycles, classic cars, and hot rods are just a few of the outdoor locations and props we’ll shoot with. We have access to unique private ranches, motorcycle garages, and more, to guarantee a setting that goes beyond the norm. By the end of one of our sessions you’ll feel exhilarated, confident, and beautiful.

Invest in yourself

It’s time to invest in yourself with exquisite, beautiful photos that document where you are in your life today and provide memories for years to come. It’s easy to think there’s always going to be a better time to have portraits taken: after you’ve lost a few pounds, your hair is a little longer, you’ve gone back to the gym again, and so forth. Honestly there’s no time better than the present. Years from now look back and say “I’m so glad I did that,” and not “I really wish I would have.”

Remember, there’s a little bit of supermodel in everyone, and at BADASSCHICK Photography™ we help you find yours.

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I got tired of looking down and hating my body, of wishing I could go back to the body I hated 10 years ago because it was so much better than what I have now, tired of comparing myself to other women I thought were similar but had it together better. Most of all, I was tired of living in the feelings I’ve been trying so desperately not to cultivate in my daughter. I never want her to look in the mirror and feel fat, or undeserving, or ashamed. We can be strong, intelligent, loving, AND look sexy on a random box in the dusty mountains. Here’s my shot at owning me.
I highly recommend that all of you find BADASSCHICK Photography and have them help you honor the beautiful skin you’re in, right now, as it is. #badasschickphotography #boudoir #outdoorboudoir #bodylove #selfacceptance ★★★★★

Emily McCarthyDenver, CO

I’ve battled with my self confidence for as long as I can remember. It’s caused me to miss out on so many things because I was too embarrassed of my body. Up until yesterday I was ashamed to even look in the mirror. Yet after one session with @badasschickphoto I have never felt better about myself. I woke up today and realized how bad of a bitch I could be. So thank you bad ass chick photography for giving me that. ★★★★★

Elaina NidifferParachute, CO

I love every picture I have taken with Pete! He is amazing at what he does. He makes you feel so comfortable, and empowered, sexy and just awesome in front of the camera! I always hated pictures taken of me and I never thought that I could look good in anything that I was in but after I did my first shoot I couldn’t believe it was me! Now I’m hooked and I love how I feel after seeing how amazing I look on camera. I’m a lot more confident in myself now then I was just a few months ago and a lot of it is because of Pete and the talent he has! I would definitely recommend going to him for future pictures! ★★★★★

Bailey GriffithNew Castle, CO

Absolutely LOVED my photoshoot! Pete is very professional, has an amazing wardrobe (many style options), makeup artists, and hair stylists. By the time my shoot was over I was 10x more confident than before, and the photos were even better than I had hoped. If your thinking about using Badasschick Photography for your photo shoot, you will not be disappointed! ★★★★★

Ember JonesRifle, CO

I am so I love with these pictures. I have been fighting some inner battles of who I am on my own and this day, this shoot helped me find my light within. Thank you so much Pete and Badasschick Photography for helping find my light! ★★★★★

Cheyenne WestRifle, CO

Incredible to work with! He always makes you feel comfortable & is highly professional. His positive commentary during the shoot brings out the best in you & as a result your shots always coming out stunning! I’ve worked with many photographers around the world, he is one of the BEST!!! He will keep you laughing throughout, and yes feels like an old friend! Cannot wait for my next shoot! I HIGHLY recommend him!!!!  ★★★★★

Eva KosmosGlenwood Springs, CO