Because You’re Never Too Old to Play “Dress up”

For the ultimate experience, now all photo sessions will include access to the wardrobe closet, an 800 square-foot warehouse located above the studio we call Backstage Threads.

Backstage Threads contains over 200 pairs of shoes, heels, and boots sizes 5-11, over 100 hats, and 1000s of articles of clothing and ac­cessories: Lingerie, corsets, bustiers, ball gowns, costumes, furs, coats, vests, wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, wigs, glasses, jewelry, and much more cover­ing themes such as Modern, Future, Old West, Victorian, Gothic, Bombshell, Gamine, Bohemian, Steampunk, Pirate, Medieval, Sci-Fi, Military, Horror, Roaring 20s, 40s Mobster, 50s Pinup, 60s, 70s, 80s, and more. We even have a great selection of men’s wardrobe for themed couples portraits.

It’s an excellent choice for the Wardrobe chal­lenged, or to just add a little fun to the overall experience. If you choose the wardrobe closet, make sure you plan at least an extra hour for fitting.

After all, you’re never too old to play “dress up!”

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Standard wardrobe rentals now included in all photo sessions. Standard wardrobe consists of any hats, shoes and accessories, and non “dry-clean only” wardrobe.

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